Wedding Trousseau

You know you are going to look your best on your big day, and you have made sure that every arrangement for your guest is going to be a memorable experience for them. From the food, the music, the comfort, the decor, to the entertainment, you have personally checked each one of these just to make your big-day..the perfect big day!

If this is your story, then we hope you haven't forgotten to add a dash of glamour to the gifts that you are sending out to your invitees along with your wedding invitation or those which you are sending out to your soon-to-be family . After all, style starts from scratch.
Inflict the excitement of your wedding upon your guests from the time they receive the invitation and the accompanying goody. Give them a preview of what they can expect at the event.
The concept of designer gift packaging is gradually becoming very popular in India for the same reason as above, 'When we want the best of everything for our wedding then why compromise on the gifts that we send out'.
You can find unique designs, quality production and a blend of all styles and cultures. Go traditional or redefine the modern, the pick is yours. You can either choose from the designers innovative designs or  top it up by choosing from a variety of exotic embellishments

Types of decorative trousseau packaging available

Gift Boxes
Sweet Boxes
Chocolate Boxes
Cash Packing
Coin Packing
Fresh Flower embellishments
Ring Platters
Dry-fruit Platters
Fruit Baskets
Return Gifts
and the list can go on...
You can ask your designer to customize your gifts according to your choice. There is a wide range of products for wedding decor available these days such as table mats, candles and containers and other lifestyle products.

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